Our Story

Blessed love and honor,
The brilliant idea we had of making Handcrafted Jewelry, doing something we love and having a creative outlet while creating an income for our family. We started making necklaces and bracelets by painting and inscribing wood and beads. Lacing different materials; nylon, leather, hemp & wire to name a few, with beads and stones. Different charms were used or created and added to some pieces. Earrings, ankle bracelets & rings were then introduced.
Copper jewelry was introduced to us. We immediately embraced the concept and created pieces both we and others found to be awesome. Since then, our work has grown in creativity, versatility and quality. EARTHICAL Jewelry now also offers Silver, Brass, Gold, Gold-filled (which does not tarnish), a wide variety of Stones and Gems, and anything else that entertains our creativity.
In those early days, we realized the importance of healthy Personal Care products for our family. We then started making simple yet effective products to nourish & help regenerate our bodies - hair to sole, inside out. Sharing these great products with family and friends was inevitable, and so was growing the product line. This has been so since, especially having two babies introduced to the family (one with extra tender skin). The products have worked magnificently on our whole body over the years. EARTHICAL Personal Care products continues to be made with Organic and 100% Natural ingredients – committed to quality.
We continue to Nurture ones with Beautifully Unique and Nourishing goods while giving our Family the opportunity to Provide for Ourselves and Others... we thankh you for your continued support. It has been a great journey serving you!
Nuff respec,
The Cole-Ubuntu Family